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This folder contains two examples of PAGURE datasets, corresponding to three surveys: -CGFS conducted in 2018 in the English Channel (Northeast Atlantic) -EPIBENGOL conducted in 2019 in the Gulf of Lion (Western Mediterranean) -EVHOE conducted in 2020 in the Bay of Biscay and Celtic Shelf (Northeast Atlantic) Files include metadata for the sampling stations, annotation files. A readme tex file contains the links to the voyage metadata This f [...]

This dataset contains microseismicity catalogs for Lucky Strike volcano summit region, Mid-Atlantic Ridge for seven deployments between 2007 and 2019 from a network of five ocean bottom seismometers deployed surrounding the volcano summit. The datafiles are in QUAKEML format. Instrument’s locations, their specifications and earthquake location methods are described in the metadata file.

Climate change is expected to induce more frequent and intense extreme rainfall events in the Mediterranean region, causing increased runoff of land-derived matter into coastal waters. To understand how this affects plankton communities, an in situ mesocosm experiment was conducted in the Mediterranean Thau lagoon (43°24’53’’N, 3°41’16’’E), south of France, in spring 2021. Soil from a nearby oak forest, the Puéchabon state forest (43°44’29’’N, 3° [...]

Deng Lixia, Cheung Shunyan, Xu Zhimeng, Liu Kailin, Liu Hongbin

This dataset contains nifH gene copy numbers, growth rates, and grazing mortality rates of the major unicellular cyanobacterial diazotroph taxa (UCYN-A1, -A2/3/4, -B and -C), and growth rates and grazing mortality rates of total phytoplankton community (inferred by chlorophyll a) in the South China Sea and the Luzon Strait. The associated physicochemical factors including temperature, salinity, nitrate+nitrite, ammonium, phosphate, and chlorophyl [...]

Rousselot Pierre, Cervelli Evan, Fouilland Eric, Koch-Larrouy Ariane, Lebourges-Dhaussy Anneexpand

Physical data associated with the AMAZOMIX cruise. The Amazon shelf encompasses a variety of physical processes, such as fluvial inputs, coastal currents, mesoscale, filaments, tides, internal waves and upwelling, influencing nutrient concentrations, chlorophyll and suspended matter. They also affect energy, salt and heat balances; parameters that condition physical/biogeochemical interactions and ecosystem functioning, from bacteria to plankton [...]

Hanafi-Portier Mélissa, Borremans Catherine, Soubigou Olivier, Samadi Sarah, Corbari Laureexpand

The Mayotte island outer slopes have been explored using a towed camera to describe the megabenthic communities in the bathyal domain. The present dataset focus on the eastern slope, at depths between 500 and 1100m. It is presented as a case study of workflow from annotations on images by using the Biigle online platform to georeferenced densities in standardized sampling units by the Adelie post-processing software. Data have been acquired durin [...]

Multibeam bathymetry data, gridded at ~100m, acquired around during the transit towards the Mid-Atlantic ridge axis (13°20'N and 13°30'N oceanic detachments area) during the ODEMAR cruise (2013). Bathymetric data was acquired by the PourQUoi Pas? multibeam system (RESON SEABAT 7150). Data is provided as geotiffs (WGS84) ODM_transit_16Nov.tif Extent  -27.8375538800000015,16.3530121699999995 : -26.3755538800000018,16.6860121699999979 Width    14 [...]

McMullen Karly, Hernán Vargas Félix, Calle Paola, Alavarado-Cadena Omar, Pakhomov Evgenyexpand

This dataset, generated through trophodynamic Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) modeling and Ecotracer, encompasses two models—a novel model by McMullen K. (2023), featuring the Galápagos penguin as a sentinel species for microplastics in the Galápagos Marine Reserve, and a model by Ruiz DJ and Wolff M (2011) focusing on the Bolivar Channel ecosystem. Empirical data was collected in October 2021 (McMullen K., 2023), including surface seawater, zooplankto [...]

In order to accurately characterise the waves encountered in the Ifremer Brest Bay test site, a wave measurement campaign was carried out between October and April 2023 using Spotter and Datawell wave buoys, RBR pressure sensors and a Nortek Signature ADCP. The aim of this test campaign is to obtain the data required to carry out an inter-comparison of the various wave measurement instruments.

Ollevier Anouk, Meire Lorenz, Bladfort Daniel, Develter Roeland, Möller Klas O.expand

The Eurofleets+ IOPD research cruise took place from 28/06/2022 till 10/07/2022 in the Uummannaq region in West Greenland where a total of five fjords and the connecting shelf area were sampled. This data upload "Data from IOPD cruise Part 2 Water sample analysis and plankton identifications" contains: -SPM and POC data.